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5 reasons a massage should be your go-to solution

Nowadays massage is more and more a necessity for a variety of reasons. It can be for simple relaxation, preventive treatments or therapeutic. Everyone looks for a good massage to relief and give our bodies a break. This is due to several factors, including the increasing stress levels of our day-to-day activities, and a more sedentary lifestyle.

Here's the 5 reasons massages should be your go-to solution for *any* problem:

Massages are not only great in the short term (yes that relaxation feeling is awesome!) - but also for the longer term. Regular massages will reduce stress and anxiety levels, as well as improving the efficiency of the immune system by reducing the production of inflammatory molecules. Ready to feel great?!

Reason #2 - Instant and compounding pain relief

Whether it's back pain, joint pain, or chronic pain, causes of pain are many and everyone has at some point faced the annoyance of having to deal with it. On top of bringing relaxation of the muscle and joint tension, the massage works in modifying and acting on top of the nervous system to short-circuit the pain signals your brain emits. Those benefits have been confirmed for many pathologies like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other skeleto-muscular pathologies.

"Massage has had a positive impact on every medical condition we've looked at." – Tiffany Field, M. PhD - Director TRI, Miami

Reason #3 - Speed up recovery after workouts

While not everyone enjoys super-deep or strong massages, it is certain that even medium, or localised leg massages after a race or even during exercise (as is the case for some ultra marathons) actually reduce knots and muscle tension, and speed up the recovery process and healing of the muscles.

Greater joint mobility and flexibility, improved skin tone, and greater alertness are also on the list of potential benefits of a massage. Still in doubt a massage will help you?

Reason #4 - Get better sleep!

Many studies have proven the effect of massage therapy on sleep, by directly working on the relaxation of the body and mind. Entering that stage could easily lead to some ZzzZZz.. don’t worry, our therapists will take good care of you while asleep!

Lowering the levels of stress and anxiety, and reducing the pain in your body, is key to help you get a better sleep. If you have troubles sleeping, come see us, and we will help you get back to a regular sleeping pattern.

Reason #5 - Treat yourself!

If none of the amazing benefits has convinced you yet, then just do it for YOURSELF. Come have a relaxing experience, forget about the daily stuff, and reboot your systems. Having a massage is a perfect way to connect with your inner self, achieve a deeper state of well being and letting go of mundane things to focus on things that are really important and essential.


Here at Namtip we have very skilled masseuses that can help you with your body relaxation and pain release needs. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any doubts about our massage therapies, and we will gladly advise you on which services are best for your situation.

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