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Massage therapy: 17 things to know before going to get a massage

Thinking of booking your very first massage performed by a massage therapist? You're probably asking yourself a lot of questions!

Here’s a list of many questions that one can have in relation to a first session of massage therapy at Namtip Thai Massage centre:

Remember, massage is not only about relaxation or treating pain (like the neck pain you feel because of working from home). Mental health also benefits greatly, and hey! - it's always nice to indulge and treat yourself to a good massage.

So, here's everything you need to know before you go to your first massage appointment.

What are the most common types of massages? How do you determine which one is best for yourself?

The most popular massages are Swedish, Thai Oil Massage, Deep Tissue and reflexology.

To determine which type of massage is best for you, it all depends on the reason for your visit, since each pathology is different. Our massage therapists are experts certified by the Royal Thai Medicine centre and will be able to help you. Do not hesitate to mention your needs/pains/tensions and ask which massage would be best recommended for you.

Does the client have to do or prepare something before the appointment?

Before the appointment, there is no preparation. That said, after the appointment, it is best to drink plenty of water for 48 hours after the massage.

What is important to mention to the massage therapist before the session?

When the customer comes for the first time, our therapists will always perform a health check to ensure there are no allergies, scars or pain areas that should be treated differently. Note massage might not be suitable if you have specific health conditions (e.g., pregnancy massage is not safe/reccommended before the first trimester).

Can you get a massage if you have redness, rashes, sunburn and/or any other skin condition?

Yes. However, when a client has a skin problem, it is best to show up with a doctor's note detailing the dermatological problem in question so our experts know how to handle the treatment.

Which massage to choose when stressed and tense? And what to opt for if you have pain in some way (e.g., muscle pain, back pain, migraines, sciatic nerve, etc.)?

When a person is stressed, the most appropriate would be the Swedish massage, or Thai Oil Massage, whereas if the person has very localised muscle pain, a Deep Tissue or Traditional Thai massage would be more therapeutic given the stretches and motions used to perform the massage.

Is it possible to specify whether you prefer to be massaged by a man or a woman?

We currently have female therapists only but could include men in the future. All our therapists are equally qualified, and train regularly to renew certifications. Just ask for your favourite or change and see whose style works best for your body and mind.

What does a typical massage appointment look like?

We always do the same at Namtip Thai Massage and it's usually the same process in other wellness clinics and spa.

When the client arrives, the receptionist greets and takes payment for the selected treatment (unless paid online / pre-booked) and proceeds to guide them to the room. If this is a first visit, the massage therapist will perform an initial assessment, ask if he/she has allergies as well as the reasons why they took an appointment of massage therapy (stress? pain? etc. ).

The therapist will then ask the client to remove all his or her clothing, except his or her underwear if she wishes to keep them for a matter of privacy, and then lie down below the blanket/towel either on their back or on their stomach. The massage therapist will allow the client about 5 minutes to settle in.

When she enters the cabin, she will be asked if she is comfortable and if she wants a cushion below her foot or shoulders. she will be asked to take three deep breaths, then massaged.

When the treatment is over, the client is quietly awakened and whispered that it is over. They are invited to take their time to get up, stretch, and then get dressed. If the client has come to get a massage to treat muscle pain, she is given advice to do at home.

Can a massage hurt or tickle?

No massage can hurt, the goal is absolutely not to be abrupt, but to relax the client. The parts where guests may feel tickle are the feet and sometimes the lower back sides. That said, the massage techniques used for the treatments are not conducive to disturbing the client.

Do you have to strip completely to receive a massage? Can you keep your underwear?

No need to strip completely; customers can also choose to keep their underwear or use our clothing for special massage (e.g. traditional thai). We use towels to cover your body and keep your body temperature at optimal levels for a great experience.

Does the massage therapist massage the buttocks and/or breasts?

It depends on the techniques used by the massage therapists. At Namtip, the buttocks are massaged only if the client has a pain in the sciatic nerve. That said, we do not massage the breasts or the belly, as we consider them to be more intimate parts. Remember that the goal is above all for the customer to relax and feel comfortable!

If you are not comfortable with certain parts of your body being massaged, please tell the massage therapist before the start of the session. They will respect your request at all times.

What is the role of essential oils in a massage? Do different species have specific roles and properties?

Each essential oil has its characteristics, uses and benefits. They are adapted to the customer's needs, you can read more about essential oils in massage here!

Should we remove the oil from our body after the appointment or is it better to let it penetrate the skin?

It is best to allow oils to penetrate the skin following the treatment, in order to take advantage of the full potential of their benefits (especially if they are natural essential oils).

However, we do provide a shower and changing room if you want to clean yourself after the session.

What are the short- and long-term benefits of a massage?

The benefits of massage lie on several levels: physical, mental and emotional.

Depending on the type of treatment performed, massage can generate benefits in terms of stress, cellulite, firming of the skin, constipation, intestinal cramps, heavy legs, pregnancy, etc.

How often is it best to get a massage?

A relaxing massage can be done as needed, just treat yourself to a relaxing experience whenever you need to disconnect from daily life! For a non-chronic therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage once or twice a month is optimal, and for specific or special pains a more regular program can be drafted. Massage should not stop once you stop feeling pain. Ask our therapists and make sure you reap the maximum benefits from your sessions by giving it continuity and get a massage regularly.

How much can you expect to pay for a massage?

For a one-hour massage, a massage at Namtip Thai Massage costs £40-50, depending on the type of treatment chosen. For a 1:30h massage, you can usually expect to pay between £60-70, depending on the type of treatment you choose.

Should the massage therapist be tipped? If so, how much?

Leaving a tip for a massage is not mandatory, but many customers choose to leave £5 to £20 after their treatment a good way to show gratitude to their therapist.

Additionally, leaving a review on our Google Maps or Facebook pages with their name ensures we contribute a “Review-Tip” to their end of month salary!

What if I didn't enjoy my massage?

At Namtip we strive to give the best relaxation and pain relief experience possible. As a general rule, it is not possible to get a refund on our services, but if you start the massage and feel uncomfortable or in pain with your current therapist and wish to stop the service within the first 10min, we will try our best to understand where we went wrong, and give you two options: try with a different therapist, or stop and refund you.


Here at Namtip we have very skilled masseuses that can help you with your body relaxation and pain release needs. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any doubts about our massage therapies, and we will gladly advise you on which services are best for your situation.

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