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7 benefits of body scrub that you should know about

Body exfoliation is a hands-on path to softer, firmer, glowing skin. It delivers the best results when it happens regularly. The key to making your efforts last is moisturization. Apply a body oil, lotion or cream daily, even on days you don't exfoliate.

Body scrubs or body exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from your body by using a rough material such as salt, sugar or other grains. It provides softness to the skin and makes it glow. It can also help to reduce cellulite and stretch marks. It's also called dry brushing. You may have heard about dry brushing before as it's been used for centuries, with the ancient Egyptians being some of the firsts to exploit its benefits.

Let us nose dive into the benefits of getting a professional body scrub at Namtip:

Benefits of body scrub

Body exfoliation is a delicious routine for the skin and the mind, as the pleasure of feeling the dermis as new offers a very pleasant feeling of well-being. Exfoliating the skin of the body translates into a myriad of benefits that make the tissue healthier inside and out, let's see:

  1. Cleanses the skin. Exfoliation is a deep cleansing through which dead cells and surface layers of the skin are removed to activate cell regeneration and provide a completely new tissue free of impurities and preventing clogged pores.

  2. Prevents premature aging. During exfoliation, cell regeneration is accelerated and blood circulation is activated. This allows the skin to receive more nutrients and oxygen.

  3. Draw out ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are a regular nuisance for anyone that shaves, waxes or plucks and can sometimes feel uncomfortable or get infected. Using a scrub helps to both prevent, as well as draw out, any ingrown hairs.

  4. A better tan. For those who love the sun, exfoliation prior to a visit to the sea prepares the skin for a uniform tan. In addition, it allows the fabric to better absorb the protection that will take care of the sun's rays.

  5. Detox. Exfoliating the body weekly helps stimulate the proper functioning of the lymphatic system to remove toxins through the pores of the skin. In addition, the skin looks much smoother and more even.

  6. Help the skin to absorb skin care products. Any cosmetic or active ingredient that is applied to freshly exfoliated skin penetrates the layers of the dermis in the best way and acts most effectively. Exfoliation also prevents the formation of arched hair after hair removal.

  7. Relax your mind. The process of body care is thoroughly soothing. The calming massaging experience of applying an exfoliating body scrub helps to unwind the mind as well as the body, in anticipation for the day or cosy night ahead.

How often should you do body scrub?

This totally depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you'll probably see the best results by exfoliating two to three times each week with a product that contains moisturizing oils as well as sloughing ingredients. Those with sensitive skin should opt for one weekly exfoliation and use gentler ingredients. If you fall somewhere in between, see how your skin handles exfoliation once per week and go from there. Most skin types do best with one or two exfoliations a week.

Let your skin tell you whether it's time to exfoliate. If you notice irritation or have any open cuts or sores, even a gentle exfoliant can exacerbate these problems. Wait until your skin has healed before getting your slough on.

The key to making your efforts last is moisturization. Apply a body oil, lotion or cream daily, even on days you don't exfoliate. Massaging a cream into your feet and hands before bed helps prevent callouses. Who doesn't love waking up to super soft skin?

What to expect when having a body scrub massage?

At Namtip we offer a professional treatment that exfoliates the skin of the body in a deeper way than you can get at home with a conventional exfoliant. It is a body hydration and exfoliation therapy that is focused on pampering the entire skin of the body to provide a light, soft and much healthier tissue.

The treatment consists of several stages. The patient is first laid face down on a stretcher and the entire skin of the body is exfoliated using a body peel. This peel removes dead cells and surface layers from the skin to create a deep exfoliation.

In the second part of the treatment, intense hydration is performed. This is done by applying a nourishing mask and covering the skin with a special plastic that raises the temperature to open the pores and allow moisturizing nutrients to penetrate the skin more effectively.

The third and final phase consists of a relaxing massage that is performed with oils and other moisturizers that leave the skin clean, hydrated and nourished. This treatment is ideal for looking much softer and more beautiful skin. No pain is experienced during therapy, in fact the treatment is relaxing and pleasant. The three phases are performed for 90 minutes and once the therapy is over the person can go on with their life and glow a shiny, rejuvenated skin!


Here at Namtip, we have a team of professionals who are experts in body and skin care. If you need more information about body scrub treatment or want to make an appointment, contact us and find out everything we can do to help you maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

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