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The many benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a magical and unique time when a new life grows inside you. Many women may feel fulfilled and happy during their pregnancies, however, this does not avoid the physical and mental inconveniences that come with it.

Thai massage is a complete massage practice with the main objective to bring harmony and renewed vitality to your daily life. To accompany a pregnancy with a massage can be an advantage that brings many health benefits.

By releasing muscle tension and stimulating vital energy, Thai massage acts on anxiety, stress, insomnia and all the other internal imbalances that must be avoided in order to maintain an optimal state of mind during your pregnancy.

You should get a massage during pregnancy

Thai massage is beneficial for pregnant women and helps to experience pregnancy in a more serene way. It can significantly improve sleep, promote blood circulation and relieve back pain.

The relaxation, ambiance, oils and pain relief during Thai massage therapies bring great relief to pregnant women. The areas of the body are carefully chosen so as not to harm your body or your baby, as well as the pressure to be exerted and the points of support.

The energy is circulated throughout the body, thus restoring vigour and health, acting on the overall balance of pregnancy.

Problems we face during pregnancy

The stages of pregnancy do not develop without the appearance of certain difficulties. The development of your baby is not exempt from ailments such as hormonal imbalances that cause gum problems, excessive fatigue accompanied by insomnia, nausea and digestive disorders, as well as cramps, fluid retention, varicose veins, sciatica and back pain, but also the neck and shoulders are common places that suffer during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, prenatal care is at the bottom of the priority list, even though it is a real asset in the journey to the birth of the baby. Thai massage during pregnancy can help alleviate many of these difficulties, allowing for a calm and relaxed pregnancy to be enjoyed during each trimester, allowing for pleasant transitions for the baby's mother, family and little one.

Specific benefits of thai massage for pregnant women

Below you can see the most important advantages that can be found by opting for a Thai treatment during pregnancy:

  • Unique combination of acupressure and gentle stretching: administered hand in hand by our therapists, it is a connecting experience that helps to expand the hips, back, neck and shoulders. Creates more physical and emotional space, improving breathing.

  • Works the Sen pathways: pain and leg cramps are greatly reduced by addressing the different energy lines throughout the body, improving blood flow, circulation and stimulating the body's energy.

  • Massage decreases stress levels: it promotes an increased release of hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, essential for feeling good. They play a key role in the functioning of the central nervous system and human activities such as sleep, appetite, memory and learning.

  • Reduces the level of anxiety: improves sleep and achieves a sense of calm, well-being and security for both the mother-to-be and the baby, making its growth optimal.

  • It fights against ailments: it is the most frequent effect during pregnancy and is effectively prevented by the numerous treatments offered by our professional therapists.

  • Relieves cramps, spasms and muscle pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips and legs.

  • Reduces tension in weight-bearing joints.

  • Improves flexibility of the skin and underlying tissues.

  • Offers peace of mind to the new mother with all the physical and mental issues she experiences during these important times.

Taking care of yourself is essential during pregnancy and after discovering all the benefits that Thai massages bring to this stage of magical transformations, come and discover our services and get ready for the arrival of your baby in the most relaxed and harmonious way possible.

You deserve the best in these moments of your life before giving birth. Book your relaxing foot and leg, back and shoulder or full body massage at Nam Tip Thai Massage in Manchester. Our Thai therapists are certified for Pregnancy Massage and will know how to take care of you and your future baby.

If you have any doubts, please make sure to check our 17 things to know before getting a massage!


Here at Namtip we have very skilled masseuses that can help you with your body relaxation and pain release needs. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any doubts about our massage therapies, and we will gladly advise you on which services are best for your situation.

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